Your week 19 pregnancy wellness guide

Your Body

changes in the body
What to expect
You are glowing with happiness and bursting with energy and you are obviously pregnant! You can feel your baby’s movements. You notice physical changes. Your nails and hair are growing faster! You get hot and uncomfortable and get headaches in crowded and poorly ventilated places.

Baby size

Week 20 size guide
What to expect
Your baby is the size of a Sweet Potato (roughly 24 cms and 300 gms)

Your Baby

Pregnancy weekly guide - baby size
What to expect
Your baby is getting more active each day - kicking, punching and turning around and sucking his/her thumb. Vernix, the coating that protects your baby in the uterus is developing. It also helps your baby ease through your birth canal at delivery.

Taking care

Your week 19 pregnancy wellness guide
  • Go for walks to unwind and relax. Invite a friend to join you in your walks. Walking will keep you fit.
  • When you are casually sitting do foot exercises. This can prevent leg cramps.
  • Rub your calve muscle hard and pull your toes upwards if you are woken up at night with sharp pains.
  • Chew on sugarless chewing gum after meals. This could prevent heartburn.
  • Take frequent fresh air breaks if you are in a stuffy room. This can help prevent headaches.

Ask your doctor

Pregnancy weekly guide - ask your doctor
  1. What are the dos and donts in 2nd trimester of pregnancy?
  2. Which screening tests are important?
  3. I notice spotting at times. Is that normal?
  4. I am sad more often than being happy and the feeling is not going away. Do I need to see a specialist and get extra support?
  5. Am I gaining the right amount of weight? My belly is not as big compared to other pregnant women!

Your to do list

Your week 19 pregnancy wellness guide
Action points
  1. Check options for wellbeing sessions.
  2. Have folic acid supplement and prenatal vitamins.
  3. Book antenatal appointment with doctor.

Questions you may have

“It is not unusual to have some worries and fears. Don’t put too much expectation on yourself. Be realistic about what you can do. Relax when you need to. Spend time with others who make you feel relaxed and good about yourself. 1 in 10 pregnant women experience some form of depression. Talk to other expectant mothers. If you are feeling constantly bad or your mood is coming in the way of your day to day functioning talk to your GP.”

“I cried at the silliest of things! I went to the shops, saw baby clothes and started crying! It is common to have mood swings and get emotional. It’s those pregnancy hormones!”