Meet Pravati

I am a mum

I am Pravati Roy 

Village Charuigachi

 North 24 Parganas

West Bengal, India

I was born here and I live here.

Green fields  surround my beloved village. Bongaon - nearest town, 8Kms away. Bangladesh border - 1.5 Kms.   A barbed wire fence separates us.

Date Palm juice & jaggery

A local winter delicacy, which we prepared at home today!

This is today's catch

from our very own tank !

Celebrating with family and friends

 You are welcome to join us in our traditional feast!

My mother

She has passed away. On days like this I miss her

Zest for life

They are the future of our village

These village kids bring me joy

Our community is important to us

I am President of Charuigachhi Light House Society,  A local grassroots organisation

I facilitate Kushal Alo workshops for pregnant women once a week in my village.

Story telling

Yoga and nutrition support

Digital literacy

Thank you for reading my story