Your Body

changes in the body
What to expect
At week 19 you are nearly at the half way point! Getting tired easily from lack of sleep and carrying extra weight is common. You may feel more hungry than usual. You may also be getting leg cramps that cause disturbed sleep. Drink lots of water as you could be prone to urinary tract infections, so keep an eye for it.

Baby size

Week 19 size guide
What to expect
Your baby is the size of a Mango (about 15 cms long and 240 gms in weight).

Your Baby

Pregnancy weekly guide - baby size
What to expect
Baby's lungs are developing and adult teeth are starting to grow. There is a white greasy coating (Vernix) on your baby now which helps regulate body temperature and protects his/her skin. Your baby is fattening up!

Taking care

Pregnancy week 19 wellness guide
  • Talk about any feelings you are having about your pregnancy. It is normal to have some worries and fears.
  • Do light exercise and not overwork yourself. You should be able to talk comfortably when you are carrying out any day to day activity (Talk test). If not, check with your doctor.
  • Practise ‘beditation’ – a combination of meditation and stretch exercises when you get into bed. It will help you fall asleep.
  • Try keeping a pillow between your knees when you sleep. That can help with pain.
  • Avoid lifting heavy loads. Ask others to help you. If you absolutely have to, assume a wide stance, bend at the knees and not at the waist and slowly lift with your arms and legs and not waist.

For information week by week you can click here.

Ask your doctor

Pregnancy weekly guide - ask your doctor
  1. I have a white discharge. Is that yeast infection? What is the best treatment?
  2. I need to go to the bathroom very often and I get a burning sensation. Do I have urinary infection?
  3. My nipples are leaking. Is that normal?
  4. I have been feeling low and off mood lately. What should I do?

Your to do list

Pregnancy week 19 wellness guide
Action points
  1. Have folic acid supplement and prenatal vitamins.
  2. Book antenatal appointment.
  3. Practice ‘beditation’
  4. Come up with a birthing plan.

Questions you may have

“It is not unusual to have some worries and fears. Don’t put too much expectation on yourself. Be realistic about what you can do. Relax when you need to. Spend time with others who make you feel relaxed and good about yourself. 1 in 10 pregnant women experience some form of depression. Talk to other expectant mothers. If you are feeling constantly bad or your mood is coming in the way of your day to day functioning talk to your GP.”

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“I cried at the silliest of things! I went to the shops, saw baby clothes and started crying! It is common to have mood swings and get emotional. It’s those pregnancy hormones!”

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