Pregnancy health and wellbeing – week by week guide

Pregnancy health and wellbeing - week by week guide. Image of calendar.

Pregnancy wellness programme

Thank you for visiting the Kushal website and showing interest. You can get weekly health and wellbeing information here to help you or your loved one have an experience that is positive and fulfilling. The pregnancy information we provide guides you for wellness,

By enabling you to achieve your full potential towards wellbeing and positive health.

By taking a multidimensional and holistic approach that includes lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment, and

By adopting a tone, which we hope is positive and affirming.

You can also know more about the context of maternal health in India and our activities specific to COVID-19 and pregnancy in our website.

You may also look up NHS England resources for more detailed information on how to look after yourself and your baby while you're pregnant.

Your guide to health and wellbeing during pregnancy