Week 12 guide – how to have a healthy pregnancy for healthy baby

You learn about changes to your body in week 12 of the first trimester. You learn how big or for that matter little your foetus is. There are many questions racing in your mind. Read to have answers for some.


Your body

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You are in your first trimester, you are keen on a healthy pregnancy. Changes are taking place in your body, in preparation for your baby to be! You could experience rapid mood changes. You suffer bloating and stomach cramps At week 5 you will have your first missed period.


Baby size

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Your baby will grow from the size of a tiny, Sesame seed (about 2 mm long) to the size of a Plum (about 5 cm long) at week 12 (and is roughly as heavy as 3 grapes).


Your baby

Pregnancy weekly guide - baby size

Your baby-to-be is only two layers of cells has found a home in your uterus! It has made a physical connection to your body for the next eight months. The amniotic sac or bag of water has also, formed around it. Your baby-to-be is only two layers of cells, and has found a home in your uterus!


Taking care of yourself

Pregnancy weekly guide - self care tips


  • Make sure you have enough Vitamin D supplies.
  • Have Iron tablet supplements.
  • Find out your due date
  • Avoid spending time near somebody who smokes.
  • Do some light low-impact exercises
  • Have a wholesome diet – oily fish, eggs, nuts and flak seeds. If you are not enjoying eggs substitute with soy, dal, beans and grain. Milk with youghurt or vegetables with fruit.
  • Schedule an antenatal appointment.

Ask your doctor

Pregnancy weekly guide - ask your doctor

Some questions

  1. What medications can I take or should not take now?
  2. When do I have my first Scan?
  3. Does my family history or any issue make pregnancy high-risk for me?
  4. I get constipated when I take Iron tablets. What can I do?
  5. Do I need to change my eating habits?
  6. What medications can I take or should not take?


To do list

  1. Take Folic acid and Iron supplement tablets.
  2. Find out about maternity benefits and employment rights at the workplace.
  3. Inquire about government programmes for pregnant women and maternal health.
  4. Check blood pressure.
  5. Check weight.
  6. Schedule antenatal appointment with GP.

Questions you may have

I think I'm pregnant! What should I do to take care of myself?

“You may have gained a few pounds. Know from your doctor how much weight to gain in a healthy pregnancy. You could experience belly cramps. Cramping is normal during the first trimester. You could also have skin issues – too much oiliness or too dry. Fruits give you essential vitamins and nutrients.

Is it too early to tell my in-laws?

“It’s totally up to you! If you feel comfortable telling people now then go forWeek 12 guide image it.”

You may want to read more about this topic.

Is it going to be a girl or a boy?

“Having a healthy baby is what is most important. At this stage, you cannot find out. By law, it is illegal to have a sex determination test during pregnancy.”

Who should I consult?

For prenatal consultations either an OB-GYNae doctor or a trained and certified midwife. What kind of person are you – do you believe that you should have a say about your body and your health and are entitled to ask questions and your doctor respects this? Or do you take comfort in putting your care in the hands of a medical professional who you believe knows best? Once you have thought through this and discussed it with your husband. Accordingly, select your practitioner by taking recommendations from your GP and your friends who have had babies. Interview 1-2 practitioners before deciding.



Do I need a whooping cough injection

Am I gaining enough weight?