Your Body

changes in the body
What to expect
You may feel like you are ready to go into deliver! You are having to go to the bathroom very often. But it’s not time yet – baby has some more growing to do. You could be getting vivid and disturbing dreams. You might be worrying – giving birth in a shop or a public place – these might appear in your dreams and can be frightening. Remember - these are only dreams! Physically, you are quite itchy which can be annoying.For information on COVID and pregnancy please click here.

Baby size

Pregnancy week 30 wellness guide
What to expect
Your baby is the size of a large Broccoli (roughly 38 cms and 1.2 Kilos).

Your Baby

Pregnancy weekly guide - baby size
What to expect
Your baby is growing plumper, and his/her skin begins to look less wrinkled and much smoother. He/she can suck its thumb or fingers as the hands are now fully formed. Fingernails have started growing too. Your baby's eyes can focus and his/her vision will continue to develop inside and outside your womb.

Taking care

Pregnancy week 30 wellness guide
  • Have less fatty, spicy and fried dishes to prevent distressing heartburn. Prevent reflux by not lying down straight after a meal.
  • Keep check on foetal movements and ask your doctor if all is okay.
  • Don’t buy expensive creams for stretch marks! There are no miracle cures for it. Stretch marks fade over time. However, use creams and lotions if you are itchy or scratchy.
  • Ask your husband to tap on your belly and your baby may kick or poke back at that same spot! It’s a nice game to play with your baby.

Ask your doctor

Pregnancy weekly guide - ask your doctor
  1. I can’t feel my baby’s movements often. Is that normal?
  2. What are the signs of premature labour?
  3. What are the things I should do to reduce pain during labour?
  4. I keep feeling I will go into labour any minute! Is that normal?
  5. I get frequent vivid and scary dreams, which make me anxious. What should I do?

Your to do list

Pregnancy week 30 wellness guide
Action points
  1. Count foetal kicks.
  2. Have your folic acid supplement and prenatal vitamins.
  3. Book antenatal appointment with your doctor.
  4. Make a list of things to pack for your hospital bag.

Questions you may have

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