Our wellness activities for pregnant women

Curious to know what to expect when pregnant?

How your baby-to-be grows week by week?

Feeling a little stressed, vulnerable or anxious?

Kushal is your pregnancy companion that helps you stay well and healthy. Our wellness support helps you to track, understand and make choices in pregnancy.

"What you are doing for pregnant women in India is so important. Pregnancy is so often treated as something that is clinical and matter-of-fact, something that just happens, but the reality is so very different. The poverty gap in India just makes the lack of support even more evident."
Niti NadarajahHead of Legal AU, NZ & PI, PHILIP MORRIS LIMITED, Melbourne, Australia

We work with private and government hospitals in Andhra Pradesh to carryout wellness activities that are complementary. Over 35,000 births take place annually in the three hospitals we collaborate with in Vijaywada – Government General Hospital, NORI multispecialty hospital and Vasavya Nursing Home.

Kushal leverages digital technologies to enhance interpersonal solutions for better health and the emotional and psychological wellbeing of mothers-to-be. We do not hesitate to travel that extra mile to support under served young women from disadvantaged communities, and our services are delivered in local languages.

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