Pregnancy week 17 wellness guide

Your Body

changes in the body
What to expect
You will start to look and feel amazing glossy, full hair and radiant skin. Your morning sickness has possibly disappeared and you have a large appetite. You may be snoring very loudly in sleep.Don’t feel embarrassed by it.You have funny feelings in your body. It’s likely to be your baby moving !

Baby size

Week 17 size guide
What to expect
Your baby is the size of a large Onion (11-12 cms and weighs around 150 gms).

Your Baby

Pregnancy weekly guide - baby size
What to expect
Your baby moves more after meals, when you listen to loud music or rub your tummy and talk to your baby! You can feel his/her hiccups. Your baby’s finger nails are starting to grow and he/she is forming unique finger prints.  The placenta which your baby attaches to in your uterus has grown and is as heavy as your baby. It provides all the nutrition, vitamins and good stuff to your baby.

Taking care

Pregnancy week 17 wellness guide
  • You are likely to be asked a lot of questions about your pregnancy by others. Some may want to touch your belly too!
  • It’s good to share a happy experience but feel free to firmly say no if you are uncomfortable.
  • Have fish rich in Omega 3 like Rohu to boost your baby’s brain development.
  • Eat 350 gms of fish a week (2 average meals). Avoid fishes like swordfish, shark and mackerel, which can contain high levels of mercury.
  • Eat plenty of Vitamin C rich foods and use unscented moisturiser for your body. This can help prevent stretch marks.
  • Don’t lie down immediately after a big meal. Otherwise you may end up with indigestion and heart burn.

Ask your doctor

Pregnancy weekly guide - ask your doctor
  1. What medications are safe for me to use?
  2. Which exercises are okay for me?
  3. What should I do in preparation for birthing?
  4. Do I have any risks and how should I prevent it?
  5. I see strange spots on my face. Are these normal?

Your to do list

Pregnancy week 17 wellness guide
Action points
  1. Involve husband by placing his hand on the belly and sharing the experience of baby moving
  2. Schedule 20 week ultrasound appointment.
  3. Record weight and blood pressure on the Kushal app.
  4. Get a head massage!

Questions you may have

“Everyone is different. I felt unattractive and overwhelmed by my changing body and was anxious about the responsibility of having a baby. I spoke to my doctor about it and attended the Kushal support network. That helped.”

“I was told to avoid excessive amounts of Vitamin A, which is found in beauty products. My skin was sensitive during pregnancy so I did not try new products.”

Your pregnancy companion

We believe that every woman deserves to have and make choices. No matter what her social or educational status.

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