Pregnancy week 14 wellness guide

Your Body

changes in the body
What to expect - week 14
You are completing your first trimester. You feel your energy levels coming back. A little bump is starting to show! Hopefully, your morning sickness may be coming to an end.

Baby size

Week 14 size guide
What to expect
Your baby is the size of a Narangi (about 80 – 85 mm long and 85 gms).

Your Baby

Pregnancy weekly guide - baby size
What to expect
Baby is moving constantly. He/she can stand up straight! Development is taking place, with hair growth and functioning kidney allowing for the passage of urine.

Taking care

Pregnancy week 14 wellness guide
  • Do gentle pelvic floor exercises
  • Take advantage of your burst of energy! Get light to moderate exercise. This helps reduce chances of gestational diabetes.
  • You should be measuring your weight regularly. If you started on an average weight you would have gained about 5.5 – 6 Kgs by now.
  • Eat regularly – small amounts every 2 hours. Eat slowly – starting meals with water.
  • Have fresh food – they provide more vitamins and minerals.
  • Stay cool – wear loose clothes

Ask your doctor

Pregnancy weekly guide - ask your doctor
  1. How safe is it to take medication? Can I take pain relievers?
  2. I have a sick mother-in-law at home. What precautions do I need to take when caring for her?
  3. I feel very fatigued. Is that common in the second trimester?
  4. I have noticed light spotting. Is that natural?
  5. Do I need to take special pregnancy vitamins?

Your to do list

Pregnancy week 14 wellness guide
Action points
  1. Find out about your maternity rights and benefits at your workplace.
  2. Find out about available government programmes for pregnant women and maternal health.
  3. Get blood pressure checked.
  4. Get weight checked.

Questions you may have