My body

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What to expect
You will have thorough antenatal check-ups like regular measuring of your BP and measuring up your stomach. Your doctor will feel your pregnant belly to work out which way up your baby is positioned. You may have felt your baby move and your belly bump shift downwards – that is baby is getting into position! You can keep enjoying your sex life. The end is in sight now! In two weeks you and your baby will go through a final growth spurt.

Your baby

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What to expect
Your baby is as big as a Coconut (roughly 40 cm long and 1.4 Kilos in weight).

Your baby

Pregnancy weekly guide - baby size
What. to expect
Baby is processing information from all five senses – sight, touch, feel, taste and hearing. He/she is very active, moving around, sucking their fingers, and doing the odd somersault. But baby is also sleeping more. Physically, baby is getting plumper and looks less wrinkled.

Taking care

  • Learn about Braxton Hicks contractions. These are fake contractions that you may be getting. Your belly contracts and tightens up for 20-30 seconds and relaxes again. These are perfectly normal and harmless ‘practice contractions’.
  • Eat well – your baby needs to gain roughly 200 grams a week.
  • Do some simple stretches – this will help take away pain in your neck region.
  • You may be getting all kinds of advice from family and strangers alike – some good and some misinformation. Don’t let these comments worry you or change your mind. Make sure you get correct information from the right sources.

Ask your doctor

Pregnancy weekly guide - ask your doctor
Questions to ask
  1. I am getting contractions that are painful and coming regularly. Do I need to go to the hospital
  2. My face has swollen up suddenly. I am also getting headaches. Should I be worried?
  3. When should I go to the hospital?
  4. Is my baby’s position okay?

Your to do list

  1. Get my weight checked and assessed.
  2. Have folic acid supplement and prenatal vitamins.
  3. Monitor facial swelling.
  4. Book an antenatal appointment.
  5. Ask what to do the first few days to help with breast feeding.

Questions you may have


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