Our mission and vision is to be community driven and inspired

At Kushal India, our mission is to make sure that every expectant mother, regardless of her social and educational background, has a fulfilling and positive pregnancy experience. Despite the importance of psychological and emotional well-being in achieving positive pregnancy outcomes, traditional maternal health focuses primarily on physical health and disease prevention (learn more about maternal health in India here).

To address this gap, we take a holistic approach to addressing the mental health, wellness, and social support needs of expectant mothers. Our pregnancy well-being services include support for issues such as antenatal and postpartum depression, stress, anxiety, and self-care. We work with obstetricians, counselors, and support groups to provide prenatal care and facilitate increased social capital to minimize pregnancy-related risks.

Through our website, we provide week-by-week information and resources on topics such as prenatal yoga, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, nutrition, exercise, and positive parenting. We also offer specialized support for women with specific needs, such as those experiencing maternal mental health issues, single mothers, and immigrant women. Learn more about how our activities align with our mission by visiting our website.