Our mission and vision – community driven and inspired

our mission to provide pregnancy wellbeing services

Our mission and vision is to make sure that any woman, no matter what her social and educational status is, has a fulfilling and positive experience during pregnancy.

Traditionally, for an expectant mother to have a safe and healthy childbirth, the focus of maternal health has been on physical health and disease prevention. Psychological and emotional wellbeing has not got the attention it deserves (to learn more about maternal health in India please click here). Yet, for positive pregnancy outcomes, providing psychological and emotional support is crucial.

We at Kushal India through our pregnancy wellbeing services provide that emotional, psychological and social support. We take a holistic approach to address good health and wellness needs, and facilitate increased social capital to make sure that pregnancy-related well being risks are minimised. Learn more about how our activities are aligned to our mission here.

We endeavour to support women with mental health and wellbeing by providing week by week information on our website.

The road from vision to reality has been possible because of support from a network of individuals and organisations.